Celebrities and Athletes Who Swear by Ice Baths

Celebrities and Athletes Who Swear by Ice Baths

Ice baths have become a go-to recovery method for elite athletes, celebrities, and wellness aficionados alike. Many share snippets of their ice bath experiences, showcasing a side of their wellness routines that goes beyond the glitz and glamour.

Whether it's Hollywood figures, sports icons, or individuals in the public eye, the appeal of plunging into cold waters is spreading. Join the movement and explore how ice therapy is quietly becoming a staple in the wellness playbook of those seeking a refreshing approach to self-care. It's not just a trend; it's a subtle lifestyle choice embraced by only those who know what it takes. The cream of the crop. Meet the cold plunge bath A-listers.


  1. Michael Phelps

Michael is the Freeze-Frame of Athletic Royalty. When you've got 23 Olympic gold medals hanging around your neck, won from freestyling across oceans for swimming pools, you would either be using some Jedi to keep your muscles in shape or ice bath therapy.

Enter Michael Phelps; cold plunge baths are no secret to anyone who knows the legendary swimmer. It is a key component of his recovery routine, helping him stay in peak condition for those record-breaking laps. It seems to be a practice the cream of the crop of every industry hold in secret. A whisper in the wind. Insider trading, because look at the number 2 below and tell me there isn’t something going on here.

Ice baths: helping or hindering your performance?


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The cold Ballon d'Or winner! Known for his dizzying moves on the soccer field, lightning-fast shots on goal, gravity-defying headers, and a physique only Schwarzenegger would be proud of, Cristiano Ronaldo isn't afraid to chill out off the pitch. Literary.

The Portugal international football wonder-man has been spotted plunging deep into ice baths to pacify his record-breaking muscles. One would argue that whilst other soccer players rock in chairs in retirement at 35, ice baths could be the reason Cristiano is still peak-balling at 40!

It seems like even the fittest athletes in the world find solace in the icy depths.



  1. Usain "Cold Bolt"

When you're the fastest man alive, recovery becomes just as crucial as speed. Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinting sensation, turns to ice baths to keep his muscles firing on all cylinders. It's a frosty secret to maintaining that unmatched speed and agility.

 Fatigue & Recovery - Anaerobic Athlete


  1. Tottenham's Fullback: Emerson Royal

Ever wondered how top-tier footballers like Emerson Royal stay at the top of their game? Well, besides skill and dedication, it turns out that investing £1.25 million to turn a room into a personal ice bath might be part of the winning formula. The Tottenham fullback knows that when the going gets tough, the tough gets frosty.

 Emerson Royal 'spent nearly £1m trying to improve' as a player at  Tottenham| All Football


  1. Jessica Alba

It's not just athletes diving into the world of ice baths; Hollywood's own Jessica Alba is no stranger to cold exposure therapies. She is the real Icy Diva of Hollywood. The actress and business mogul has revealed her love for cold therapy as a means to rejuvenate both the body and mind. Who knew that A-listers also find solace in the sub-zero world? Oh, wait, we did. We sell these things. We know our people. Plus, you can judge someone’s mental strength and know they own this stuff. You, too, can get yours here.



  1. The Queen of Pop's Cool Ritual: Madonna

Even pop royalty knows the secret to staying on top. "C'mon douche, ice baths and Madonna staying at the top have no correlation.” I mean, is anyone sure about that? All we are sure of is that the iconic Queen of Pop is rumored to be a fan of ice baths. With a career that spans decades and demands unmatched energy on stage, the Material Girl embraces the chill to keep her body in peak performance mode. We didn’t even mention how she’s almost always morphing into a youngling whilst her peers age away. You would forgive the douchebag for thinking the cold plunges are part of her recipe for eternal youth.

 Life As Manifested By Madonna Sitting In A Tub of Ice While Kendrick  Lamar's “Humble” Plays | Culled Culture


  1. Wim Hof

Known as "The Iceman," Wim Hof has taken the world by storm with his extraordinary ability to withstand extreme cold. He is the ice-age-potent stem cell if anyone needed to breed an extreme tribe that can survive such elements. Beyond his own feats, this Dutch extreme athlete and wellness guru has attracted a following of celebrities. From Hollywood stars to athletes seeking mental and physical resilience, Wim Hof's ice bath techniques have become a sensation, proving that the cold can indeed be a powerful wellness collaborator.

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  1. Marvel's Cold Superhero: Chris Pratt

When you're the bloke tasked with saving the galaxy as Star-Lord or wrangling dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, you would naturally have to go through intense training to fit the role [as some of you have seen behind the scenes]. Thusly, recovery becomes a superhero necessity. Chris Pratt, the charismatic actor, has revealed his affinity for ice baths as part of his post-workout routine. If the Guardians of the Galaxy need a cold escape from the rigors of Hollywood action, who are you?

 Massachusetts Guard, first responders train in 'ice bath' > New Hampshire  National Guard > News Archive


  1. Russell Brand

Known for his philosophical musings and comedic aptitude, Russell Brand also incorporates ice baths into his wellness routine. The British actor and author has spoken about the mental clarity and rejuvenation he gains from the icy plunge. It appears that beyond the laughs, Brand finds serenity in the sub-zero temperatures.

Ice baths: What are the benefits? Here's the lowdown on the trendy wellness  practice | Newshub


  1. Winter Olympian Turned Ice Advocate: Lindsey Vonn

Retired alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn, with her impressive Olympic track record, understands the importance of recovery. Vonn has openly shared her experience with ice baths, emphasizing their role in reducing inflammation and supporting her body through the rigors of competitive skiing. It's a testament to both how even winter sports legends find solace in ice baths and the sheer truths that lie bare within every line of our previous blog posts.

Lindsey Vonn Admits She Really Hates Cold Weather


  1. Kevin Hart

When the Bruce Lee of loose lip is not shattering people’s ribs on stage for fun or starring in blockbusters, Kevin is probably plunging in a Deep Dive Wellness XL ice bath with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. The comedian and actor has shared glimpses of his ice bath escapades on social media, proving that even the busiest funnyman understands the importance of chilling out for optimal well-being.

Kevin Hart's 'Cold as Balls' Talk Show Returns For Season 6 - Boardroom


  1. From the Court to the Ice: LeBron James

In the kingdom of basketball greatness, the King James stands tall, and so does his commitment to recovery. The NBA superstar has been known to incorporate ice baths into his post-game routine, showcasing that even royalty of the court find solace in the cold exposures for muscle recovery and overall performance.

LeBron-James-Ice-Bucket-Challenge - Viral Hoops


  1. Serena Williams

Serena Williams, the tennis icon with an unparalleled list of achievements, knows that victory comes with a price. The agility of a cheetah and the mental state of a lioness. To stay at the top of her game, Williams has reportedly turned to ice baths for their potential benefits in creating mental stamina, reducing inflammation, and supporting her body through the demanding world of professional tennis.

U.S. Open 2018 Highlights: Williams vs. Williams Match Is On - The New York  Times


  1. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, the charismatic action star known as "The Rock," doesn't just surmount movie roles; he squares recovery too. The former professional wrestler has shared glimpses of his intense workouts, followed by a dip into the icy depths. It seems that even the toughest guys in Hollywood appreciate the power of a cold plunge.

The Rock's Recovery Secrets: How Ice Baths and Portable Ice Baths Keep –  Shred Rope


  1. Ice Bath Royalty: Queen Elizabeth II

Yes, you read that right—even royalty has a chill side. Rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth II herself indulges in the practice of ice baths. While it may be unexpected, it just goes to show that the benefits of cold therapy can be fit for a queen.

The Queen's bizarre bath time routine is so specific | GoodTo


In a Nutshell...

As the ice bath trend continues to gain momentum, it's clear that individuals from all walks of life are finding value in the cool embrace of recovery. From comedy kings to basketball legends, tennis queens, action heroes, and even royalty, the appeal of plunging into wintry waters spans across industries and demographics. So, whether you're a fan of laughs, slam dunks, grand slams, blockbuster hits, or royal elegance, there's a good chance that someone you admire is taking the plunge into the world of ice baths. It's not just a trend; it's a cold lifestyle embraced by only those who know what it takes. If you belong to this elite sect, get your cold plunge bath here


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