New Year’s Resolution List: 12 Reasons to Why Ice Therapy Should Come First

New Year’s Resolution List: 12 Reasons to Why Ice Therapy Should Come First

Have I done enough this year? Have you? This is one common question that lingers in our subconscious as soon as the Christmas meal completely digests and beer heights wear off our heads. It’s who we are as a species. Society has conditioned us to weigh our accomplishments to feel complete. What if I told you there was something you could do that would make your 2024 feel as complete as a puzzle by November?

Well, as we launch another cosmic journey around our local star, it beckons us to admit a uniquely avant-garde yet profoundly frigid addition to your New Year's resolutions list: ice therapy. Cast aside the mundane gym regularities or the gastronomic dexterities of substituting fries for salads. [I mean, you’ve been doing that for what, 8 months now? Even more? Why, then, do you still feel like a forgotten pizza slice as we wrap up the year? Instead, try ice therapy in 2024, a practice deserving of a distinguished place on your resolution roster, and here’s why:




1. Recovery: Picture this: It’s been a long day at the office; you’ve hit the gym, and you've marathoned a killer workout. Life is running like you had planned, except for one challenge: your muscles are staging a protest. Every square inch of your body aches like you wrestled a demon, and you feel as stiff as a Bic pen. Luckily for you, you bought a portable plunge bath and a water chiller. You set ready the cold water in the bath and plunged in. As many of those who have used them say, applying the icy touch to those still muscles is like sending them on a spa retreat. It reduces soreness, tames inflammation, and lets you strut into your next day feeling like a boss—not a hobbling penguin or Martha from accounts.



2. Silence for Pain: You already know that as we come of age, we become more susceptible to injuries. Something as little as doing nothing can cause you problems. If you’re over thirty and you are a 9-5er, you already know what I’m talking about. Hell, you’ve probably injured yourself during your sleep once or ten times last year. Now imagine how fast-paced and fun 2024 is going to be for you and the toll your body might take. Injuries throwing a party on your pain scale? Ice therapy is your VIP ticket to tone down the chaos. Whether it's a twisted ankle or a defiant sprain, the cold exposure will have its way with it.

Still haven’t decided if you should include it on your resolution’s list? No worries, we are just getting started. Read on.



3. Metabolism: Who knew exposing yourself to the cold would not only kickstart your metabolism but could also be your covert weapon to counter bulging? Oh, wait, we did. The scientists did too. It's now general knowledge. Several studies propose that exposure to cold temperatures might stimulate certain physiological responses that could enhance metabolism, and I’ve seen that to be the case with most people. How does it work? You may ask. Well, a study conducted by van Marken Lichtenbelt et al. (2009) found that prolonged exposure to mild cold temperatures increased energy expenditure due to the activation of brown adipose tissue (BAT), a type of fat tissue that burns calories to generate heat. Get your cold plunge bath, and let your body burn those calories with the determination of an ice sculptor perfecting their masterpiece [pun intended].


4. Sleep, Glorious Sleep: Tired of counting sheep? Or that non-existent 8-second military trick of falling asleep that has never worked for anyone except for the YouTuber who uploaded that video? Try cold exposure instead. A pre-bedtime chill session can lower your body temperature, signaling to your brain that it's time to snooze. No more restless nights in 2024. If you have ice therapy on your year’s to-do list, you're going to start getting the kind of sleep that leaves you feeling as relaxed as a snow day in December.



5. Stress? Ice It Away: Stress is like an unwanted guest overstaying their welcome. It makes bad situations worse because you can't think straight. Consequently? You miss out on the life you could have cultivated for yourself. The good news? Ice therapy has a polite way of showing it the door. The cold triggers the release of endorphins, putting you in a Zen state that'll have stress questioning its life choices. Most people take drugs for this, by the way. Drugs to trigger endorphins. When you look at it, actually, you have two choices: either to spend your life and savings on feel-good drugs or to invest in a bath and water chiller and achieve the same or better end game. What’s it going to be for you?



6. Comfort for Inflammation: Inflammation, as described by the Geneva Convention of 1864 [not really, no], is the drama queen of the body's responses. It can be likened to an assertive responder within the body. Ice therapy, in this context, assumes the role of a mitigating agent. By applying a cooling influence to affected areas of your body, the therapy seeks to attenuate the inflammatory response, thereby facilitating a more subdued recovery process without the prominence of swelling. You would think that’s all, and you would be wrong.



7. Awakening for Alertness: Ever feel like your brain's stuck in snooze mode? Say you’re on a Zoom meeting with your team or supervisor, reviewing the first quarter; it’s not yet five minutes in, and you’ve already switched off. Everyone notices you’ve been “off lately.” Sounds familiar? Life in 2024 doesn’t have to be that vile. Ice therapy offers the jumpstart your brain didn't know it needed. The sudden drop in temperature jolts your system awake, making you as alert as a cat on a caffeine bender. Unless you still need your brain fog for god-knows-what, ice therapy is the minimalist approach to mental clarity.


8. Skin Care: Ice therapy can be a simple and effective way to enhance the skin and achieve a radiant glow. It can also help with various skin conditions and concerns. It stimulates blood flow, bringing a rosy glow to your cheeks and the subtle hint of radiance your suitors would love you more for. However, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment, and you should consult your doctor before trying it if you have any underlying health issues or allergies.


9. The Mood Magic: Ice therapy, with its endorphin-releasing mystic, turns your frown upside down. That's a scientific fact, more on which has been covered in our previous posts. Tell me it’s not what you need for the new year, and I’ll stop here. Otherwise, ask around; ice therapy is the mood-boosting potion the elite of society have come to know and love. So, when stress threatens to steal your sparkle, reach for the bath, and the chiller, and watch your stormy clouds scatter.



10. Cold Zen for Better Flexibility: Flexibility isn't just for yoga swamis; it's for everyone ready to break free from the bond of stiffness. Ice therapy can help relax muscles and joints, making your body as supple as a cat on a hot tin roof. Adding ice therapy to your weekly routine in 2024 simply means you'll soon be bending like a centipede and stretching like a cheetah, something your spouse might love you more for [for reasons related to the kitchen, obviously].



11. Personal Energy Boost: Forget the sugary energy drinks that come prepacked with a ton of work for your tired liver with nothing to show for it; ice therapy is the natural pick-me-up your body craves. And I’m starting to care how many times I have to say this, because one would think, with all the scientific research surrounding the subject, it’s obvious by now. In a sentence, though, cold exposure stimulates your blood circulation, delivering a surge of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Ahhhh…right?! It's like giving your body an epiphany, minus the jitters and sugar crash, of course. For anyone who thinks their body is not a bin in which to throw trash, a.k.a. energy drinks, ice therapy would be the first bullet on their New Year’s resolutions list. Wouldn’t you say?



12. Confidence Boost: Confidence is attractive, isn’t it? Ask your girlfriend. Your boss. Ask anyone. Beyond that, though, confidence is the only tool that makes every other plan work. It's the final piece of your puzzle. The glue that sticks everything together. Without it, you're better off staying home and watching others change the world. I mean, someone once sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice. Not because he studied a course in how to sell an Eiffel Tower twice, but because they had the confidence of a cat in a room full of rocking chairs—poised, unfazed, and always landing on your feet. It’s what you’ll need to make every other plan on your resolution list tick, and guess what? Ice therapy is wired for this—boosting confidence. The physical and mental benefits combine to create a sense of empowerment. Strut into any room with the confidence of someone who's just conquered Everest in their flip-flops. I mean…RIGHT???! This is you thriving in the new year. This is you taking over!



So, as you draft your resolutions, heave in a dash of ice therapy and have a year that's as cool as the other side of the pillow. Fill the bath, chill the water, plunge in, and let 2024 be the year everyone wonders, "WTFather Christmas is your secret, man?!"


The best products to get you started are here. Cheers to a frosty-fabulous New Year! If this is Something you need me to help you navigate personally [for free], let me know in the comment section below or DM us on @twitter [𝕏]

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