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Discover the Ice Bath Chosen by Elite Athletes and Professionals in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, and Olympics – Now Available for Your Home.

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Shipping Protection

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Discover the Ice Bath Chosen by Elite Athletes and Professionals in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, and Olympics – Now Available for Your Home.

How to Use in Your Ice Bath
  1. Prepare Your Ice Bath: Fill your ice bath with cold water and add ice to reach your desired temperature. Make sure the water level is appropriate for your bath.

  2. Add Epsom Salt Soak: Pour 1-2 cups of Deep Dive Wellness Epsom Salt Soak into your ice bath. The amount may vary based on your bath's size and preference.

  3. Stir and Dissolve: Gently stir the water to help dissolve the Epsom Salt Soak effectively. Ensure the product is evenly distributed in your ice bath.

  4. Submerge and Soak: Once the Epsom salt is fully dissolved, immerse yourself in the ice bath. Relax and soak for at least 20 minutes to experience the refreshing and rejuvenating effects.

  5. Enjoy the Benefits: During your soak, the Epsom salt will work to soothe your muscles and joints while enhancing your recovery process.

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Standard vs Dual Valve



Dual Valve

Designed for

Pro athletes and frequent users.

Pro athletes and frequent users.


Standard insulation for typical use.

Five layers of durability for optimal temperature maintenance.

Suitable for Heights up to

2.1m (6′9 foot)

2.1m (6′9 foot)

Chiller Compatibility

Has 1 valve for the inlet, the outlet hose has to go over the top and into the bath.

Two side valves for easy chiller compatibility.


BPA and Phthalate free materials for safety.

BPA and Phthalate free materials for safety.Crafted with high-quality materials.


Lightweight and portable.

Lightweight and portable.

Introducing the Deep Dive Water Chiller – your ultimate companion for a hassle-free and budget-friendly ice bath routine. Our compact chiller measures a mere 12x12x13 inches (29x29x32cm) and efficiently cools your water down to a rejuvenating 37°F (3°C) in record time. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the store for ice, as our chiller ensures a constant supply of chilly water for your cold plunge sessions, both indoors and outdoors.

But here's the best part: when you purchase the Deep Dive Water Chiller, you'll receive a complimentary upgrade to our dual-valve system for seamless connection to your plunge bath. No need to worry about compatibility – whether you decide to invest in the chiller now or later, your plunge bath experience will always be optimized with our convenient two-valve setup.

With a weight of only 40 lbs (18 kg), our chiller is incredibly lightweight and easy to transport. Plus, its 20-micron filtration system and continuous water flow guarantee clean and crystal-clear water for weeks to months on end. Elevate your wellness journey effortlessly with the superior convenience and performance of the Deep Dive Wellness Water Chiller.

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