When you make a direct purchase of a Deep Dive Wellness product from our website, it includes a warranty for your assurance and satisfaction. Below, you will find the specific details of your warranty.

Limited Product Warranty

The Deep Dive Wellness Limited Product Warranty ('Limited Warranty') applies to the Deep Dive Wellness products listed below. It is provided by Deep Dive Wellness to the individual purchaser of products from an authorized retail partner or directly from Deep Dive Wellness. We warrant that our Deep Dive Wellness branded products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with our published guidelines during the specified Warranty Period.

Warranty Limitations

The warranty for Deep Dive Wellness products covers structural defects and malfunctions during specified periods, extendable with fees. The warranty doesn't apply to commercial settings, alterations, neglect, misuse, or abuse of the products, repairs not done by designated representatives, or damage due to external causes beyond the manufacturer's control. Proper maintenance, including regular filter changes and avoiding freezing or overheating conditions, is necessary to keep the warranty valid. The company is not liable for work done on units outside the contiguous United States.


Warranty Period

Please find the warranty details for each product below:

1. Deep Dive Wellness Chiller
- Warranty Period: 1 year (limited warranty)
Extendable up to 2 years with an optional fee.
- Coverage: Structural defects or malfunctions

2. Deep Dive Wellness Plunge Baths
- Warranty Period: 6 months (limited warranty)
Additionally it can be extended up to 1 year for a small fee.
- Coverage: Structural defects or malfunctions

3. Portable Home Sauna
- Warranty Period: 1 Year (limited warranty)
Additionally it can be extended up to 2 years with an optional fee.
- Coverage: Structural defects or malfunctions

**Note: This warranty specifically covers structural defects or malfunctions of the Deep Dive Wellness products mentioned above. It does not extend to accessories and individual parts associated with these products. Accessories and parts are not covered under this limited warranty. If you have any questions regarding the warranty coverage of specific accessories or parts, please contact our customer support team at support@deepdivewellness.com for clarification.**

Warranty Coverage Request

If you have purchased your Deep Dive Wellness product online, please reach out to our customer support in this format below to activate your warranty:

Full Name:
Order Number:
Email Address:
Phone number:
Product being returned:
Reason for warranty claim:
Photo of warranty issue (photo or video of product):

To begin the warranty process or for any warranty-related inquiries, please email our support team at support@deepdivewellness.com.