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"Top-notch quality! The dual valve setup makes it hassle-free to connect with a water chiller, providing consistent cold therapy. A must-have for any wellness routine"

DDW Cold Plunge Pro - (Dual Valve)

Deep Dive Wellness Cold Plunge Pro - (Dual Valve)

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Designed for pro athletes and frequent use, our Portable Cold Plunge Bath Pro offers the ultimate in top-notch cold water therapy. With 5 layers of durability and two side valves for easy chiller compatibility, you can enjoy rapid cooling and invigorating plunge experiences.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this portable ice bath ensures optimal water temperature maintenance. Elevate your recovery and performance with the Cold Plunge Pro today! 💧💪

Save more when you purchase the Cold Plunge Pro with any water chiller. Upgrade your recovery routine today!

The benefits of immersing yourself in cold water are numerous and well documented. Cold water therapy has been shown to:

  1. Reduce muscle soreness and inflammation
  2. Improve circulation and boost the immune system
  3. Enhance quality of sleep for deeper rest
  4. Heighten energy levels for increased vitality
  5. Aid in recovery from physical exertion
  6. Stimulate metabolic function for weight management
  7. Elevate mood and promote mental well-being
  8. Enhance skin complexion and reduce wrinkles
  9. Enjoy numerous additional benefits for overall health and wellness and much more…
  • Diameter: 75cm (30 inches)
  • Height: 75cm (30 inches)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (8 lb)
  • Capacity: 300 L (80 GL)
  • Suitable for heights up to 2.1m (6′9 foot)
What’s Included
  • 1x Deep Dive Tub
  • 1x Cover lid
  • 1x Waterproof Cover
  • 1x Hand pump
  • 1x Waterproof Carry Bag
  • 1x Drainage hose
  • 1x 6 months warranty
  • 1x Free home delivery
  • 1x Product Manual
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Discover the Ice Bath Chosen by Elite Athletes and Professionals in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, and Olympics – Now Available for Your Home.


Here’s What to Expect

Here’s What to Expect
Enjoy the invigorating sensation of cold water therapy as it reduces muscle soreness, improves circulation, promotes deeper sleep, boosts energy levels, reduces inflammation, improves metabolic function, enhances mood, and aids in recovery. Embrace the convenience, performance, and unmatched results of this portable plunge bath to elevate your well-being.
For Athletes
Unleash your potential as an athlete with the Deep Dive Wellness plunge bath. Say goodbye to post-workout muscle soreness and inflammation as you incorporate cold water therapy into your routine. Experience faster recovery, enhanced circulation, and improved performance. This portable solution seamlessly integrates into your training regimen, helping you stay ahead of the competition and achieve peak athletic performance.
For Fitness Enthusiasts
Immerse yourself in invigorating cold water therapy that reduces muscle soreness, improves circulation, and increases energy levels. Enhance your fitness routine and accelerate your recovery with this portable and affordable solution.
For Wellness & Health-Conscious Individuals
Experience reduced inflammation, improved circulation, boosted immune system, enhanced metabolism, elevated mood, and a deeper connection with your body. Incorporate this plunge bath into your wellness routine to nurture holistic well-being and embark on a transformative journey.


Why It’s Cool to be Cold

Imagine the rush of icy water against your skin, awakening every cell in your body. Cold water exposure is like a superpower, accelerating recovery, amplifying circulation, and supercharging energy levels. But it doesn't stop there – it also clears mental fog, sharpens focus, and enhances clarity. Take the plunge into the extraordinary world of cold water therapy, where Deep Dive Wellness is your ultimate companion in the quest for exhilaration and vitality.

Experience the coolness, unleash your inner adventurer, and discover the wonders that await. It's time to be cool and feel cool with Deep Dive Wellness.

600+ Positive Reviews

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

30-Day Risk-Free Trial


How to Get the Most out of
Your Cold Plunge Bath


Make cold water therapy a regular part of your routine for optimal results. Start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the duration. Consistent exposure to cold water enhances recovery and boosts circulation.

Breath Work

Take slow, deliberate breaths through your nose, allowing the refreshing sensation of the water to invigorate your body, and exhale fully, releasing tension and promoting relaxation.

Mental Fortitude

Embrace the discomfort and challenge yourself to stay present. Cultivate a positive mindset and embrace the invigorating sensations. Cold water therapy builds mental resilience, clarity, and a sense of accomplishment.


Premium Quality,
For a Premium Lifestyle

Portable Design

Small, portable & foldable. Only weighs 7lb (3kg).


Full range cold water therapy at a low the cost.


Making cold plunges an easy part of your routine.


Save energy without compromising on benefits.


Built for longevity, with enhanced insulation.

Fits Your Space

Functional design that keeps aesthetics in mind.

Perfectly Fits Into Your
Daily Routine

Diameter: 75cm (30 inches)

Height: 75cm (30 inches)

Weight: 3.5 kg (8 lb)

Capacity: 300 L (80 GL)

Suitable for heights up to 2.1m (6′9 foot)

 30-Day Risk-Free Trial

600+ Positive Reviews

FREE & Fast Shipping

See Why Thousands Choose
Our 2 valve Ice bath

Compare the differences between our portable, convenient solution
vs. expensive, bulky ice baths.

Price $149 $999+
Portable Design
Easy to Use & Maintain
Enhanced Insulation
FREE Shipping
5-star Customer Support
30-Day Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're not happy with your Plunge Bath for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund (unused condition). Your happiness is our priority!
1 Year Warranty
The Water Chiller is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty included with your purchase. Additionally, you have the option to purchase an extended warranty when adding the product to your cart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

New to cold water therapy? It might seem a little chilly at first, but
we're here to answer all your questions and help you get started.

What is a cold plunge bath?
A cold plunge bath is a shallow bath filled with cold water, typically used for the practice of cold water therapy or hydrotherapy.
What are the benefits of cold plunge bathing?
Cold plunge bathing has been shown to provide benefits such as reduced pain, improved circulation, reduced stress, increased mental clarity, and improved immune function.
Can I use a cold plunge bath outdoors?
Yes, you can use a cold plunge bath outdoors, but it is important to protect the tub from weather elements
What temperature should the water be for a cold plunge bath?
The temperature of the water for a cold plunge bath typically ranges from 50-60°F.
How long should I stay in the cold plunge bath?
The length of time you should stay in the cold plunge bath will depend on your individual tolerance. It is recommended to start with short durations (1-3 minutes) and gradually increase as your body becomes accustomed to the therapy.
What should I do after a cold plunge bath?
After a cold plunge bath, it is recommended to warm up gradually by showering with warm water or covering yourself with warm blankets. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water to replace fluids lost during the therapy.
What should I wear during a cold plunge bath?
It is recommended to wear a swimsuit or other appropriate clothing during a cold plunge bath.
Can I use a cold plunge bath if I have sensitive skin?
Cold water therapy may not be appropriate for individuals with sensitive skin. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if this therapy is right for you.
How do I maintain my cold plunge bath?
It is important to keep your cold plunge bath clean and well-maintained to ensure the best possible experience and to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Regular cleaning and proper storage can help extend the life of your tub.
Can I use a cold plunge bath outdoors?
Yes, you can use a cold plunge bath outdoors, but it is important to protect the tub from weather elements
What power supply does the chiller require?
The chiller is designed to run on a standard 110/120V plug, which is commonly used in the US. No dedicated breaker is necessary, as it can be connected to a regular outlet.

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